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Workshop: Be Not Afraid taught by Kelly Buttermore and Justin Peters of NY.

  • Dance Studio, second floor of ECRAC 316 Eau Claire St. Eau Claire, WI, 54701 (map)

Located at the Dance Studio, second floor of ECRAC
Enter through door to the right of the main entrance to the State Regional Arts Center Theatre (not office!).

What’s my character? What’s the game of this scene? Am I being funny enough? Am I doing this right? Relax! You’ve already got everything you need to orient yourself in your scenes — you just haven’t realized it yet. Good improv is the art of getting out of your own way: of overcoming your performative insecurities, curbing your ego, and allowing yourself to play the scene rather than letting the scene play you. In this workshop, we’ll teach you how to do just that, and will give you the techniques and confidence you need to get out of your head, abandon your go-to choices, and play to the top of your potential. We’ll show you how to discover pertinent information rather than invent it, how to use your location to advance and heighten your stakes and relationships, how to unclutter your scene work and perform with emotional precision, and how to work *with* your scene partner — rather than against him/her — to create novel, sustainable scenes and characters with minimal effort. Expect a lot of individual instruction and a lot of practical advice on how to incorporate all of these techniques into actual scenes. By the end of the workshop, you won’t be thinking “Why is improv so hard?” You’ll think “I never knew it could be so easy!” $20 fee at the door.

Justin Peters and Kelly Buttermore travel the country teaching improv workshops and classes that emphasize the merits of awareness, agreement, collaboration, and emotional vulnerability. Our goal is to free improvisers from the burden of invention by teaching them techniques to effortlessly generate memorable and sustainable viewpoints, characters, and scenes. Our workshops are designed for intermediate/advanced improvisers, but novices are welcome, too! From Justin to Kelly performs both Friday and Saturday night at The Plus, 203. S. Barstow St, as part of Eau Claire Improv Festival.