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Friday Workshop: Love The One You’re With taught by Kelly Buttermore and Justin Peters of NY.

  • FORAGE 930 Galloway St. Building 13-Suite 214 Eau Claire, WI, 54703 (map)

Conflict and emotional distance can work their way into one’s play over time until they become dominant choices. But what if instead of choosing conflict, we chose love instead? Making a conscious decision to appreciate and collaborate with your scene partner can take your scene work in unexpected and wonderful directions. In this workshop, we will introduce techniques for finding meaningful connections with your scene partner, and explore the virtues of playing from a standpoint of total agreement. When you choose to embrace your scene partners rather than resist them, the possibilities for your scene work are truly limitless. $20 fee at the door.

Justin Peters and Kelly Buttermore travel the country teaching improv workshops and classes that emphasize the merits of awareness, agreement, collaboration, and emotional vulnerability. Our goal is to free improvisers from the burden of invention by teaching them techniques to effortlessly generate memorable and sustainable viewpoints, characters, and scenes. Our workshops are designed for intermediate/advanced improvisers, but novices are welcome, too! From Justin to Kelly performs both Friday and Saturday night at The Plus, 203. S. Barstow St, as part of Eau Claire Improv Festival.